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Transcripts From Hell

my life is but an open book . . . with maybe a few randomly stuck pages . . .

8 June 1976
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You must be joking - just giving everything away spoils the game, besides any information i have to offer would immediately become suspect anyway. What can i say, i'm just in a cryptic sort of mood today. Despite the fact that this isn't Rosencrantz & Guildenstern, i can't stop myself from playing verbal tennis - so round & round i go. Typical Gemini mental acrobatics, even when i know better, it's difficult to stop. blame my ADHD, lol.

i've reached a crossroads of sorts in my life - a culmination of things i worked for & things that were taken away by people who should have known better. Ever play those stupid trust games in gym or at camp, where you cross your arms and fall backwards & theorically someone is waiting to catch you? i'm just wondering to what extent karma can be trusted . . .

worthy of adoration -
all the usual goth/industrial/synthpop/EBM/punk music suspects (although i will admit to a growing fondess for j-pop/j-rock - which isn't as bad as you all think it it, i swear, dammit)
my friends & family who likely put up with far too much
the literature that brings me a certain measure of devotion, imagination & fodder for my endless argumentative nature
the anime & manga which i may then inflict upon others & you know who you are, however loudly you may make your denials, you know that you love it

My Fanfiction, Read & Review, it's good for your karma . . . come on, you know you want to & it'll make me a happy camper

MY Big GH fanfic100 table. Read & Review, it's good for your karma . . . come on, you know you want to & it'll make me a happy camper

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