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bad news . . . good news . . . no, silly laura, what am i thinking?

so Borders in Willowbrook is bloody closing! this is an actual freaking tragedy as far as i'm concerned, granted it's not as tramatic as death or a car accident, surgery, etc, but a tragedy nonetheless.

the only other Borders in the area is a tiny one, way the hell up 23 North & totally inaccesible for those of us without a car, like me currently. so, now i'm left with B&N which i can't stand (nasty employees), which is even farther than the tiny Border's & equally inaccesible.

so it looks like it will be for me in the forseeable future which sucks! i LIKE bookstores goddammit! arrrggghhhhh, i can't believe in the size of Wayne-freakin'-NJ there is only 1 bookstore in the entire bloody town.

if this isn't a sign of the impending apocalypse, then i don't know what is.

in other ominous tidbits of news, i've joined facebook, despite my general scorn & distaste for "social networking sites." i had a reason, not a very good reason, but it was a reason, despite it's stupidity. so feel free to add me.
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