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must be a sign of the fucking apolcalpyse

sometimes, i am seriously tempted with the impulse of needing to bash someone's skull in.

on this message board, i'm a member - someone asked a question on a specific point of religious doctrine. i ,stupidly in retrospect, answered the question - respectfully, politely & correctly (& that was my apparent downfall).

their response was to accuse me of religious fucking persecution & petition to have me banned from the board as a bigot. . . a fucking bigot!!!

ime? a religious bigot?

it's such a dementedly absurd accusation, i didnt even know what to say to it.

but then i made it worse {{{smacks self in the head}}} - the fucking moron started pm-ing me. i tried to explain using something called "logic", but that was an exercise in futility since it went way-the-fuck over the morons head. now, i *think* that i'm being insulted through peculiar big brother-esque jargon, but since it doesnt make any sense, i can't quite be certain.

why, oh why, must people be such fucking wackjobs?
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