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General Hospital - Carly & Jason. 082. If

Title: Sealing the Deal
Fandom: General Hospital, GH
Characters: Carly, Jason, Lucky, Luke
Prompt: 082. If.
Word Count: 1,862
Rating: R - language
Summary: Carly makes her move.
Author's Notes: AU – Carly grew up in Port Charles as a Spencer. This will probably have at least one sequel, I’ve already begun one – we’ll see how it turns out.

Carly wasn’t one to take no for an answer. Like every Spencer worthy of the name, she knew “no” really meant not now, not yet, maybe later or it was only a matter of time and one way or another she was going to wear Jason Morgan down. She leaned up against the bar, watching him trying to pretend he didn’t notice her, but one way or another he was going to be hers, it was eventual.

“Now baby girl, I’m almost afraid to ask this, but what are you plotting away in that little head of yours?”

Her uncle’s suspicious drawl interrupted her train of thought and with an obviously annoyed sigh, Carly turned to face him.

“Me plot?” Carly’s eyebrows rose sarcastically high in mock confusion.

Luke winced in response. He knew all too well who she was plotting about and as much as he liked the kid, the thought of his barely legal niece and Corinthos’ enforcer was enough to give him an ulcer - never mind the grief he’d catch from his aunt, sister and wife.

“Baby girl,” he began, pausing when she crossed her arms across her chest. Luke’s brow furrowed as he tried again, “Princess . . .” His voice trailed off when she rolled her eyes.

“Sweetheart?” He tentatively asked.

Carly sighed again, louder this time.

Luke felt a headache coming on, time to try the hard line. “Car-o-line,” he slowly drew out the syllables of her name into three separate words. “We’ve talked again this before and you know the rules. You’re allowed to work here on the condition that you stay away from Sonny’s table and all the regulars who sit there. Don’t make me call your momma about this.”

Carly shook her head. “Yeah and you’re going to tell momma what exactly, uncle Luke? That I committed the incredibly heinous crime of standing up against the bar, completely across the room from Jason and haven’t come closer than 10 feet to his table all night long? Call me optimistic, but somehow I doubting you’re going to get a conviction on that evidence.”

Luke cocked his head to the side – yeah, ok, there was that but . . .

“Come on now, Carly, haven’t I taught you better than that? You’re good little girl, but you’re talking to a master con-artist. You may not have done anything yet, but I recognize that look in your eyes and I know you’re up to something.”

“Ok, so you’re a mind-reader now?” Carly scoffed. “Yeah, go ahead and take that to momma, you know as well as I do that she’ll come down on my side. Besides, even if you’re right, what’s to stop me from doing the crime, if you’re going to make sure that I do the time for it anyway?”

She smirked in satisfaction as he stared at her blankly. Carly’s eyes flicked up to the clock above his head and whipped off her tip apron.

“And look at that? It’s 11, which means I’m off for the night and since I still have a few hours to kill, looks like I have plenty of time to find some trouble to get into. Night, uncle Luke, see you tomorrow.”

Carly reached across the bar to stash her apron and on a whim took a second to pat her uncle’s shoulder unsympathetically, before she sashayed off.

Luke’s jaw dropped as he watched his only niece, stroll off towards the door in a direct path right past Jason Morgan, the new bane of his life. She didn’t get more than a few feet away, he smiled in satisfaction, calling out to her, “Too bad it’s only Thursday and still a school night.”

Carly merely slowed down, as her head turned to laugh at him, before she continued on her way.

Luke’s smile fell, as he watched in confusion. Behind him, he heard a low chuckle. Frustrated, Luke turned to see his Lucky, bringing in a tray of freshly washed glasses. “You got something to say, Cowboy?”

“Yeah, dad. Did you forget that it’s August? School’s been out for almost two months now. That’s pretty much the only reason Mom and aunt Bobbie have been letting us work nights, remember?”

“Aw fuck, Cowboy!” Luke stared him. “And you waited until now you tell me this?”

Lucky snickered. A sudden movement across the room caught his attention and he had to fight to keep his snicker from erupting into full-blown laughter. If he wasn’t mistaken, he had a pretty good of exactly what kind of “trouble” his favorite cous was planning on. And after Bobbie was finished grounding her, he had every intention of getting Carly to teach him how to pull that off. He’d seen some experts make similar snatches, but damn that was smooth. He shook his head slightly in admiration.


Around midnight, Sonny decided to call it a night. Lucky brought the bill over, smirking at Jason who narrowed his eyes in response, and everyone dug out their wallets . . . Everyone except Jason that is.

When his hand went to the pocket of jacket where he knew his wallet was supposed to be, he only found a twenty dollar bill and a half-torn bill. Scowling, he read the words and swallowed his initial response. Jason quickly tossed down the twenty and slid his jacket on. He muttered a brief goodbye and went out to find a certain pain in his ass.

Less than fifteen minutes later, he pulled up at the boxcar. He cut the ignition, pocketing the keys and moved the kickstand into position. He sat on the bike for a minute staring at the faint glimmer of light he saw glowing from the open door, before he decided to bite the bullet and made his way inside.

“Took you long enough to get here,” Carly commented casually, turning down the volume of the music she had playing out of a small boom box. “I was beginning to get bored.”

Jason stared down at her, taking in the sight of the pizza box resting on wood carton, the blanket she had laid out, before while staring down at her, half-sitting, half-lounging, her face tilted up towards his.

His mouth opened in angry retort, but of the half-a-dozen things that came to mind to chew her, instead he made scoffing noise and sat down across from her and pulled out a slice of pizza, plain but for the extra cheese she always insisted on.

After swallowing his first slice, he reached for another. “So who paid for this, you or me?”

Carly laughed and Jason reminded himself to ignore the sparklingly gleam in her brown eyes.

“Well, I did, of course. It’d be rude to invite someone out to dinner and then to make them pay for it. After working for seven hours I was starved and since Claude is off for the night, it’s not like there was anything actually edible at the club.”

She smirked at him, tossing him his wallet back. Jason caught it with his free hand, not even bothering to check the contents, before slipping it back into his pocket.

Watching him polish off yet another slice, Carly pushed herself up to a sitting position. She was about halfway through her mental checklist – snagged the wallet and got him to a place they could be alone, which in truth was helluva lot more than she’d actually expected. With a little bit of luck, she might actually be able to seal the deal tonight.

Jason leaned back against the wall, staring at her, as he tried to figure out what to do now. Carly wasn’t the first woman who tried to make a play for him, but she was hands-down the most stubborn, the first he actually considered and unfortunately, the only one who as Luke had put it was definitely “off limits.”

“You know this can’t go anywhere, right?”

Carly’s eyes narrowed rebelliously. “Says who? You, Sonny or my uncle Luke?” She demanded in an irritated voice.

Jason sighed. “You’re too young and you’re my boss’ partner’s niece.”

“Bullshit!” She scoffed, moving closer to him. “I’m 18, Jase, I’m legal to do anything except drink, not that’s ever stopped me before. And as far as Luke goes, who the fuck cares? I don’t and I know you don’t, so what’s he problem?” She was on a roll now.

“I’ve seen that Robyn-twit hanging all over you. Her dad’s a fucking cop, hell he’s the top cop in the whole city. She’d get with you in a heartbeat and you’d go along with it, assuming she’d actually ever put out, of course. And if you’re willing to hang with her, there is no reason not to be with me instead.”

“Carly . . . “ Jason sighed again, feeling that curious sense of tension that he always got in these arguments with her. “You know that Robyn and I are just friends.”

“Riiiggghhhtttt,” Carly sneered. “I know you think that, but trust me, she’s got something entirely different in mind. And if even if you two were thinking the same thing, which you’re definitely not, she’s no good for you anyway.”

When he started to shake his head, Carly’s voice rose.

“Seriously, Jason, you can’t tell me that you actually have fun with her! Remember I’ve seen you with her, always telling you what to do, how to feel, what to say . . . Hell, she tells what to eat and I’ve seen what she’s tried to get you eat – it’s bullshit, man. She doesn’t want you Jason, she wants Jason Quatermaine and if nothing else proves my case, that fact alone should.”

“I know you don’t remember, but she had the most pathetic crush on him for years, but he never wanted her and I know you don’t either. You need to cut her loose.”

“She was my first friend -”

She cut him off ruthlessly, “Who you trying to kid – you or me? She’s trying to turn into you into someone you’re not and it’s gotta be driving you crazy. You can spot a lie a mile away, Jase, so you tell me have I lied to you yet?”

Jason felt his temper begin to spark and his fist slammed into the wall behind him with enough force to shake the boxcar. “What the fuck do you want from me, Carly?”

“I want you to do what you want to do and not what some Miss Priss shoves down your throat!” Carly’s eyes flashed, her temper matching his. She moved in closer to him, resting on her knees, so her eyes were on the same level as his.

“You really want to see what I want, little girl?” He watched her with a brooding expression for a long moment, before he reacted. His hands rose to spear through her hair as he hauled her up against his body.

Staring into her eyes, Jason broke.

Ignoring all the reasons he shouldn’t, he angled his head and his lips covered hers fully – tasting, teasing and drowning in the sensation that was pure Carly Spencer.


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