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Cassadine musings . . .

everytime i write them, Stefan in particular, becomes my best friend.

granted spelling is not a particular strong suite of mine, but i never realized how enormously huge the gap existed between words i commonly use & can actually spell (for the most part at least) as opposed to the rest of my vocabulary actually was.

it's mildly disturbing.

for example, it took me something like 5 freaking minutes to get close enough to impertinence for the online dictionary to even be able to guess WTF word, i actually wanted. normally, i'd just use the sneaky backdoor thesaurus method, but i couldn't find a precise enough synonym (totally cut & paste, btw, because that is a word i will probably never be able to spell) to find it.

it's annoying. but, in retrospect, not nearly as bad as the time i needed to spell "epiphany" for a paper once. i literally spent 45 minutes on that one, but that was years before existed. as i recall, i eventually broke down & called someone.

anyway . . . Stefan is a fun bastard to write, just really bloody difficult.
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I use

For spelling, I downloaded a text editor called TextPad, which is like NotePad but so much cooler (I can wrap text or block select text, alphabetize lists, and the like). It also has a spell check.

Also, since I know you are a writing buff...


SpaceJock has a lot of cool programs, to boot.


Good to see there is another insomniac in my time zone

I didn't spell check this

that actually sounds like a damn useful little program. i'm so pleased that you brought it to my attention :D.

I'm glad I can help, however I can and where ever I can. It's just how I am.

If I come across anything else writrly I'll pop by and inform you.
What's disturbing is that I read your subject line and knew what you were talking about. I haven't watched GH in a loooong time and I only watched it in the first place because I had a crush on the girl who played Robin.
yet another reason, why i love you Zeus. :D