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bad news . . . good news . . . no, silly laura, what am i thinking?

so Borders in Willowbrook is bloody closing! this is an actual freaking tragedy as far as i'm concerned, granted it's not as tramatic as death or a car accident, surgery, etc, but a tragedy nonetheless.

the only other Borders in the area is a tiny one, way the hell up 23 North & totally inaccesible for those of us without a car, like me currently. so, now i'm left with B&N which i can't stand (nasty employees), which is even farther than the tiny Border's & equally inaccesible.

so it looks like it will be for me in the forseeable future which sucks! i LIKE bookstores goddammit! arrrggghhhhh, i can't believe in the size of Wayne-freakin'-NJ there is only 1 bookstore in the entire bloody town.

if this isn't a sign of the impending apocalypse, then i don't know what is.

in other ominous tidbits of news, i've joined facebook, despite my general scorn & distaste for "social networking sites." i had a reason, not a very good reason, but it was a reason, despite it's stupidity. so feel free to add me.
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That is crap. That mall needs a book store! Every mall needs a book store!
There are at least four Bookstores in Willamette Parkview Mall in Colorado, and that one is infested with Zombies!
LOL . . . fast-moving & angry or slow & hungry?
Mostly slow and hungry. Some get pretty quick. And there are a lot of them. 59,000+, which is the population of the town.

It is an X-Box game, and it is a hell of a lot of fun.
And Noah dragged me back to LiveJournal. Doopid websites. Yay! got x-posting.
LMAO . . . so sorry Zeus. in my defense i virtually never x-post, but just wanted the people on lj & myspace to see this particular post.

is Noah back on lj? what's his nick? as far as i knew he deleted his last on lj & myspace. then again, he might have reopened it & i just didn't notice.
Yeah, he's back on LJ, he's the_azure_storm.
wow zeus, thanks for just giving up my LJ name like that without even asking me....maybe I didn't want laura to have it...god you really need to fucking think before you do something like this. actually I'm kidding.

yes laura...when you read this, I am just messing with zeus...
lol . . . that you made a not for me was actually borderline creepy.

i'm read this going "but . . . but . . . oh, lol"
only borderline creepy? damn I must be slipping LOL
Har har.

The notion didn't even enter my mind. It's frigging Laura for chrissakes. She's rather inoffensive and not quick to anger. She should work for the government.

Are you going to Ellen's party Saturday? I'm driving Danny there. You can see my car.
i will be there saturday and you can show me your shiny car LOL
the Borders in East Brunswick on Route 18 will be closing too...and it's also a heavily-used Borders. wtf??

i use Bridgewater and Watchung, both of which are near my apartment...if *those* go, there will be a reckoning!!